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Luxurious wine bags

Luxurious wine bags

Paper wine bags for packaging bottles

The wine bags come in 9 different colors. The size of the wine bags is 11x11x40 cm. The wine bags is intended for packing 1 bottle. Wine bags are made of design paper, wine packaging is made of uncoated paper. The technology for making a handmade paper bag is the same as for custom-made paper bags. We can laminate the bags as you need. Paper bags with matte laminate, paper bags with glossy laminate and paper bags with soft-touch laminate are available.

Handmade wine bags have a textile drawstring that is close to the color of a paper bag.

We have a variety of colors

Wine bag white Wine bag black Wine bag burgundy color Wine bag blue Wine bag green Wine bag in beige color Wine bag gray Wine bag orange Wine bag yellow

Print a logo, text or pictures on wine bags.

Our product range is also ordinary kraft paper wine bags and wine boxes made from cardboard. If you want a paper wine bag with your own dimensions, we can get one for you paper bag to be made to order.

We offer 9 handcrafted wine bags in different colors. Design paper and textile cord bags. The products are in stock.