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Custom made paper bags

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Custom made paper bags

Custom made paper bags

Based on the customer’s wishes, we make custom-made paper bags. Custom-made paper bags and packaging are handmade.The customer can choose what size, material and printed paper bags he wants.
There are no restrictions on custom-made packaging!

We have many different paper bag sizes. Paper bag sizes are divided into formats – A6, A5, A4, A3, A2.

The printed paper bag can be laminated. We offer matte laminate, glossy laminate as well or soft-touch laminate.

We offer textile cords (a wide range of colors), satin ribbons (a wide range of colors), kraft paper paper cords and stamped handles (the range includes handles of different sizes and shapes).

We perform various prints: screen printing, offset printing, UV varnish, foil printing, screen printing. You can print the entire length of the paper bag, the design can be edge-to-edge.

The paper bag can be made of both plain kraft paper and design paper.
The selection of design papers is extremely large! Every year, paper manufacturers surprise with new design papers.
It is possible to get acquainted with design papers in our office on site, and we can also always send paper samples.

Custom printed paper bags are strong and heavy. The bottom of the paper bag is reinforced with cardboard.

The price of custom-made paper bags depends on several factors:

The minimum quantity of a special order is 100 pcs. The higher the order quantity, the cheaper the price of the paper bag.
The price is also determined by the material of the paper bag. It is cheaper to make paper bags from kraft paper and offset paper (chalk paper).
Paper bag paper can also be laminated. We manufacture paper bags and packaging with matte laminate, glossy laminate and soft-touch laminate.
The price is also influenced by the design printed on the paper bag. It is cheaper to have 1 color printing.
We can print in both Pantone and CMYK colors.

If you need printed paper bags, send us your wishes via inquiry or e-mail.

Custom made paper bags