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Paper bags

Paberkotid nii trükiga kui ilma

Omanäolised paberkotid igaks olukorraks.

In our selection you will find both, in-stock products and custom-made paper bags. The bags are unique and suitable for any situation - be it birthdays, company parties or any anniversary.

Valikus on – kraftpaberist, lamineeritud, trükiga, logoga , pildiga paberkotid.
Vaja midagi erilist? Oleme pikaajalise kogemusega ning pakume kotte, mida Eesti turult mujalt ei leia. Lisades neile veel oma logo või kujunduse võid kindel olla, et eristud konkurentidest. Meie eesmärk on sulle teha kotte, mis aitavad sul parandada ettevõtte või firma suurt pilti. Iga visuaalne lisa ettevõttele on lisa firma turundusplaanile.

However, high-quality, visually beautiful and exciting packaging does not mean that you have to pay a high price for it. Ask us for an offer and you can be sure that we will guarantee you a reasonable price-quality ratio.

Paper bags with flat handles

Choose between 6 sizes.

  • 22x10x28 cm
  • 26x12x35 cm
  • 26x17x25 cm
  • 32x17x27 cm
  • 32x17x43 cm
  • 45x17x48 cm

Paper bag dimensions - width x depth x height.

Kraft paper bags with paper cord handles

Kraft paper paper bags are environmentally friendly and durable.

Choose between 7 sizes.

  • 14x8x21 cm
  • 18x8x22 cm
  • 22x10x31 cm
  • 26x12x35 cm
  • 32x12x41 cm
  • 45x17x48 cm
  • 14x8x39 cm

Paper bag dimensions - width x depth x height.

Luxurious paper bag

Paper bag sizes are divided into formats:

Handmade paper bags

The handmade paper bags in our selection are handmade. The size of the handmade paper bag is A4, 23x10x33 cm.

Paper wine bags for packaging bottles

We offer 9 handcrafted wine bags in different colors. The size of the wine bags is 11x11x40 cm. The wine pack is intended for packing 1 bottle.

Wine bags are made of design paper, wine packaging is made of uncoated paper.

The technology for making a handmade paper bag is the same as for custom-made paper bags.

We can also make laminated paper bags for you. The selection includes paper bags with matte laminate, paper bags with glossy laminate and paper bags with soft-touch laminate.

Handmade wine bags have a textile drawstring that is close to the color of a paper bag.

Kraft paper bottles - Wine bags with paper cord handle

We have the largest color selection for wine bags - there are 9 colors to choose from

Different colors to choose from

  • White
  • Brown kraft paper
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Bordoo

Take-away paper bags

Take-away paper bags are made of 70g brown kraft paper. Paper bags are made of strong kraft paper and suffer from weight.

With our kraft paper take-away paper bags, you never have to worry about whether the food will definitely arrive. Durable and user-friendly design guaranteed.

We have 2 sizes to choose from:

  • Take-away  26x17x25 cm
  • Take-away  32x17x27 cm

 Paper bag dimensions - width x depth x height.

We can print a logo, texts or pictures on handmade paper bags.

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