Printed ribbon

Our selection includes high-quality silk ribbons in 28 different colors. There are ribbons with both a woven edge and a cut edge.

A silk ribbon with either a logo or a message on it catches the eye, emphasizes the packaging and its luxury, and acts as a brand ambassador. This is a good opportunity to add a dot to the i’s of your company image. Packaging tied with a ribbon evokes warm memories and adds value to a product or gift with its traditionality.

Where can printed ribbon be used?

Silk ribbon with a custom-made design is ideal when the packaging needs to look presentable and at the same time be an advertisement for the company.

The printed ribbon can be used for packaging the company’s gift sets and promotional materials, for example for some marketing events.

In addition to the logo, any other advertising text such as the website address, company contacts or keywords can be placed on the ribbon.

Printing on ribbon depends largely on the colors and detail of the image to be printed.

We print on the ribbon with a printer, screen printing and sublimation technology. We also offer glossy printing – foil.

For custom solutions, we print in offset. Offset printing is high quality and allows us to print in both CMYK (four-color printing) and Pantone colors.

In addition, you can also order embossed printing, which includes blind embossing, relief embossing, and foil printing. With blind embossing, the design or logo is pressed into the paper. With relief embossing, however, it is pressed up from inside the surface of the paper.

The design can cover a paper bag from edge to edge. Before the paper bag is glued together, its surface layouts are printed and die-cut.

The minimum order for custom requests is 100 units.

Printing on paper bags or boxes in stock

We print on in-stock paper bags and boxes using either silk screen or foil printing.

There are technical limitations to printing. You cannot print from edge to edge, and there can be no color transitions. The design or logo must be in the Pantone color space.

We can also print on the plastic of a box with a window. It is possible to print on PVC both in silk screen and foil printing.

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